Note: Company Policy - All clients are required to pay the first months retainer in advance before contract can be executed, after which, clients will be invoiced for monthly services rendered. Thank You – Accounting Department  
  List of Services:  
    Press Release  
  Includes writing, sending to media outlets, creating and implementing media itinerary and accompanying clients to all interviews)  
    Media Training (½ day)  
    Create/Implement Media Kit/Marketing Strategy  
    Media Consulting  
    Commercial Writing  
    Web Site Writing - Charge by Page or Hourly (Depending on Project  
    Article Writing  
    Booking for Local Mediums  
    Booking for Out of Town Mediums  
    Booking for National Mediums  
    Advertising Agent  
    Pre-Consultation Fee - Consulting fees will go towards retainer fee upon signing an agreement.  
    Image Consulting (for Company)  
  Includes changing the company image from the CEO to the employees, professional voicemail, office set-up, phone etiquette, etc.  
    Image Consulting (Personal)  
  Includes assisting client with coordinating wardrobe (shopping), make-up (if applicable), finding a style that suits the clients personality, assist in dressing for professional or formal events, etc.  
    Creating Brochures - Includes creating style and written content for brochure.  
  Includes negotiating terms and writing contract for clients. *Note: All written contracts are approved by an attorney before presented to the client. However, S.C.P.R. advises all clients to have their own attorneys look over written contracts as well.  
    Proposals - Includes research, arranging and writing content  
    Newsletters - *Prices are determined by frequency of the newsletter  
    Written Bio’s  
    Flyers - Includes implementing and creating ideas that will help brand the clients company.  
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